Karen Ruane


This has been the common thread throughout Karen's artistic career; though her medium and methods have evolved over time. She is fascinated with the marriage between the manipulation of the medium, and the "happy accidents" that happen by chance, when allowing the medium to flow as it wants.

So naturally, Karen was drawn to the Fluid Arts - whether its marbling, where paints are floated upon a viscous surface, spreading and pushing other paint - or alcohol inks, which move and spread magically across non-porous substrates - or even fluid acrylics, which flow and bland in surprising ways. These processes present the challenge of both requiring harnessing to create meaningful artwork, and release to allow the medium to work its magic.

In her more traditional paintings, Karen explores color, nature and form in a more controlled manner; magnifying the relationship between shape and aligned color.  For over 15 years, since graduating magna cum laude from Art School at the University of Arizona, Karen Ruane has been producing, showing and selling artwork in Arizona, California and now Oregon, where she lives with her husband and two daughters. 

Karen's most recent accomplishments include co-founding an artist's coworking space in Bend, OR, and being commissioned to create the seasonal Jubelale label for Deschutes Brewery - the 7th largest independent craft brewer in the country!