The following pricing schedule is for individual/residential work only. If seeking a commercial commission, please contact me directly. 


 Mural Pricing

Upon consultation, I will provide you with a detailed estimate which will include the design fee, materials fee and project fee. I do not mark up my supplies and will provide you with a receipt. 50% deposit due upon signing of contract, balance is due upon completion of project. 
Design Fee: Includes 2 revisions $40 each additional revision $20
Light Detail: At least 20% of the base wall color left untouched. Simple application of paint with little blending or fine detailing required. $5/sqft.
Medium Detail: Little to none base wall color untouched. Moderate detail, masking or blending.  $8/sqft.
Heavy Detail: No base wall color. Intricate detail, heavy masking, and/or blending involved. $11-12/sqft.
Materials Fee: Depends on project scope and includes; paint, drop cloths, brushes, rollers, tape, etc. No markup on materials. 



 Commissioned Painting

Portraits, Landscapes, Home-scapes, or Abstract. Commissions are completed in a first come, first served fashion. 50% deposit required before work commences, balance due upon completion, before delivery. 

Watercolor/Gouache: $2.00/sq. inch. (ie: 8x10 painting = $160.00)

Acrylic: $1.50/sq. inch (ie: 8x10 = $120.00)

Oil: $3.00/sq inch (ie: 8x10 = $240.00)